Farm Machinery Operation

Farmers, it’s important to understand the competency of your staff and what level of training they require to ensure optimum health and safety onfarm.

Civil Training Licensing NZ (CTLNZ) specialise in competency assessments and training in farm machine operation, compliance, licensing and codes of practice.

Effective hands-on training ensures staff are upskilled and back on the job quickly.

Think CTNZ for:

  • Operator competency on tractors, 4WD utilities and motorbikes
  • Health and safety – how to check a machine prior to use
  • Chainsaw and high-risk machinery operation
  • Machinery compliance – guiding farm operators to ensure equipment meets industry standards

Agricultural Log Book

CTLNZ is also able to provide you with Inspection Report/Log Books for your Agricultural Vehicles.

Each book is specifically designed to include comprehensive
pre-start safety checklists for the appropriate farm equipment,
allowing workers to carry out pre-start inspection checks and spot
potential faults before they develop into a more serious and costly

Contact us today to get your Agricultural Log Book.


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