Civil and Agricultural Short Courses

Short Courses

Standard Number
Drive a wheel tractor towing a heavy load
6257Operate a mounted front end loader
6277Operate a combine harvester
6278Operate a root crop harvester
6283Operate heavy chipping and mulching machinery 
19562Operate a tracked tractor and equipment
0497Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements
17602Apply hazard identification and risk assessment procedures in the workplace
30265Apply health and safety risk assessment to a job role
16701Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving on a road for endorsement W (Wheels)
16702Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving on a road for endorsement R (Rollers)
16703Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving on a road for endorsement  T (Tracks)
20897Apply knowledge of basic aeroplanes to the certification of aeronautical maintenance
20867Respond to fire incidents at a civil infrastructure works site
26720Describe health, safety and environmental care at an infrastructure works site
6466Convey infrastructure works plant by transporter
17309Operate a wheeled loader on infrastructure works sites
17310Operate a hydraulic excavator on infrastructure works sites
17311Operate a motor grader for earthworks
17314Operate a motor scraper on infrastructure works sites
17315Operate a self-propelled roller on infrastructure works sites
17316Operate a bulldozer on infrastructure works sites
17317Operate an articulated dump truck on infrastructure works sites
19675Describe and operate a road saw
22275Operate a roadsweeper on an infrastructure works sites
22281Operate an excavator for facing and benching
22282Operate an excavator for rock placement
23637Operate a telehandler
26169Operate a self-propelled, bladed compactor on infrastructure work sites
28725Operate a hydro-excavator on an infrastructure works site.
6476Read and interpret infrastructure works plans
6477Identify, hand spread, and assist in compacting materials for infrastructure works
20875Demonstrate knowledge of slinging, lifting, moving, and placing loads using mobile plant
22283Demonstrate knowledge of occupational areas and structures in the New Zealand infrastructure works industry
23288Explain single point groundwater control for an infrastructure excavation
6453Demonstrate knowledge of infrastructure civil works
17328Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of earthworks
17501Demonstrate knowledge of subgrade for infrastructure civil works
20477Demonstrate knowledge of soil properties for earthworks
20616Demonstrate knowledge of earthworks in relation to the environment
6465Operate a power-driven rotary broom on infrastructure works sites
13520Operate a truck-mounted roller-spreader on chipsealing works
20628Operate a water cart for bulk earthmoving
22276Operate a suction cleaning vehicle on infrastructure works sites

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